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Uncategorized – Inspiring Transition

Introducing a new paradigm for social change

(Melbourne workshop, 17 Sept 2022) Largely unnoticed, but huge, the past 50 years have seen the emergence of disciplines that dramatically improve people’s mental and emotional functioning. This workshop will introduce several of them, and show how you can apply them...

Improving brain functioning and social change

At a garden party in Tel Aviv in the 1950s Moshe Feldenkrais observed a little girl trying to catch a light ball. The adults would gently throw the ball to her, and she would try to catch the ball by throwing her arms wide. This did not work. The ball would hit her in...

Mind-blank: A new climate psychology insight

A few months ago, reflecting on the confrontation between the US/NATO and Russia in Ukraine I concluded that there was a high probability of escalation to an intercontinental nuclear war, which via would mean the horrible unravelling of civilization as we know it....

We may not get out of this alive, but we should try

Like all wars, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is monstrous. To my mind, the lead up to the war is even more monstrous. I’m writing this because I think a highly probable outcome will be nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States. It can’t happen? Desperate...

Healthy cultural evolution

I have been in the business of improving brain functioning for forty years as a Feldenkrais practitioner, creativity trainer and psychotherapist. I am far from alone in being someone who improve human performance.  There are millions of Feldenkrais practitioners,...