The League of Evolutionary Catalysts

We invite you to consider becoming a colleague in the League of Evolutionary Catalysts.

We are aligned to the common purpose of inspiring thoughtful mainstream commitment to doing everything required to pull out of our current ecological nosedive, and indeed evolve a compassionate life-affirming culture.

Our vision is to inspire the members of established groups to become active communicators. They would talk to friends, business colleagues, and decision makers (as well as their wider social networks) using Escalating Disasters, Kitchen Table Conversations, and other communication tools.

In parallel, we envision thought leaders championing the goal of evolving a life-affirming culture, and talking about the systemic changes necessary to make this happen.

What do Evolutionary Catalysts do? spells this out.


Becoming a member of the League has three stages:

    * Read Becoming an Evolutionary Catalyst or do the on-line course (same material).

    * Do a practice run with our two primary communication tools: Introducing a fresh approach to social change and Kitchen Table Conversations (see below).

    * Have a Review Conversation with another member of the League.

Once you become a member of the League, you are part of our community. What you will do is up to you. We are a community of self-initiating actors aligned to a common purpose.

Practice runs

 We request that you do a practice run with these two communication tools to become familiar with them.

Introducing a fresh approach to social change

 This conversation introduces the idea of on a new kind of social change movement based on mindset change.

Although improvised, the conversations more or less follow the sequence of ideas outlined in Catalysing mass commitment to transformational change.

  • Our slide deck is here.
  • A sample conversation is here.

The Kitchen Table Conversations beer coasters model of major drivers of CO2 emissions.

  • A slide with draggable icons for conducting Zoom conversations is here.

  • A Kitchen Table Conversations Kit with physical pieces for live conversations can be purchased here.


  • A short course with a training video is here.

    Why ask you to try out these two communication tools? We will be encouraging a multitude of people to use these tools, so we ourselves should have experience with them.

Step3: The Review Conversation

When you have conducted one Introductory Conversation, and one Kitchen Table Conversation using the beer coasters module, please contact me to arrange to have a Review Conversation with another member of the League. This conversation will help you integrate the approach, and build your connection with the network.

Independent aligned action

Once you become a member of the League, you act as an autonomous agent. Nobody directs what you do. Aligned to the goal of catalysing public commitment to evolve a life-affirming culture, and recognizing that communication is key, you (and your organization) will go about this in your own way. This respects autonomy, keeps things administratively simple.

Andrew Gaines
Inspiring Transition