A Think Tank on Innovative Communication for Social Change

I am organizing a Think Tank on Innovative Communication for Social Change. It will be in November 2024, probably in Sydney or the Blue Mountains. It will be three days of intensive interaction.

 The outcome will not only be amazing new perspectives as participants cross-fertilize different ideas; very likely participants will also form new alliances.

 I hope to attract thought leaders and organizations with a wide variety of perspectives, including businesses, progressive and conservative think tanks, climate activists, peace advocates, psychologists, environmental groups, regeneration advocates, local government, healthy child rearing advocates, journalists and more.

 A premise of this Think Tank is that global environmental trends are disastrous, as are hyper-militarization and the threat of nuclear war.  A more positive premise is that we have techniques for improving both mental and emotional functioning. This leads to the possibility of accelerating healthy cultural evolution.

 During the first part of the think tank people will work in small groups thinking through topics such as How might we inspire a sense of urgency in people?, What are key leverage points for affecting the system as a whole?, and How might we go beyond our own thought bubbles and engage the broader public? Groups will report their conclusions to the larger group for discussion and cross-fertilization.

 We will also have short briefings from experts on important topics that not everybody is au fait with. For example, key ecological concepts such as carrying capacity and overshoot. Or the connection between unresolved trauma and at times cruel public policy, and how improvements in child rearing relate to public policy about climate change.

 These conversations will greatly expand our mental maps. We will connect many dots, expanding our worldviews.

 Some of the topics will be controversial. We will not seek consensus or group agreement. It is sufficient to have the conversations; intelligent people will make of them what they will.

 A premise of the think tank (implicit in the title) is that it is imperative to accelerate healthy cultural evolution as best we can. This will take innovative communication in addition to communication techniques that are already being used. We will review innovative communication strategies and tools, and possibly devise additional ones.

 Towards the end of the Think Tank an Open Space will be provided where participants can self-organize into new alliances if they so choose – or even form a larger coalition devoted to evolving a compassionate ecologically sustainable society.

 The organizing process itself will be a stimulus for a conversation during the lead up to the Think Tank.  These files will support the conversation:

I invite suggestions, comments, and critiques. Email me at andrew.gaines [@] InspiringTransition.net.