Think Tank topics for consideration

What ecological and social trends are most concerning?

How serious is climate change?

What positive trends are going on?

What solutions and resources are available?

Will local solutions be sufficient?                        

For how long can we expect high levels of atmospheric CO2 to continue? Why?

Can renewable energy keep our globalized civilization going?

What strategies do we have for cooling the Earth?

AUKUS – and militarization in general.

How Australian military policy is made.


Economic growth.

Theories of change.

Mindset change.

The Natural Step system conditions for sustainability

Tools for improving people’s thinking.

Models for thinking things through from concept to delivery: DesignShops, Theory U, military planning.

Models of successful social change (both positive and negative).

Peak Oil / peak resources.


Land regeneration.

Ocean iron fertilization.

The Natural Step System conditions for sustainability.

Partnership-respect and domination-control relating.

Mindset change.

The dark history of child rearing.

How unresolved trauma plays out in the world stage.

Improving parenting.

Techniques for resolving trauma.

Human nature, positive and negative.

Inspiring responsibility for our common well-being.

Making democracy work.

Seeing in terms of systems.

The neurology of improving skilled behavior.

Is there an overarching goal that make sense for us to get in alignment with?

We will make a space to consider ‘wacky’ ideas about social change; perhaps they can be developed into something useful.

Informal alliances.

These topics are interrelated. Few of us are trained to deal with this much complexity, but we can rise to the occasion. To get a feel for what’s involved, i suggest reading John Hunter’s brilliant World Peace and other Fourth Grade Achievements.

We are dealing with a very complex system, and there are a multitude of different viewpoints about ways forward. During the Think Tank participants will think through many of the key issues. However, we can start the conversation now.

The files below will support the conversation (as of December 2023 they have yet to be populated.). If you are interested, you are invited to review and possibly contribute to them. Send suggestions to andrew.gaines [@]

Think Tank topic content

Communication tools

Support materials for Think Tank breakout groups