Our aim is to support you in effectively communicating about transitioning to a life-affirming culture.

The first step is to familiarise yourself with our approach.

You can download the slide deck here.


Kitchen Table Conversations


Our primary tool for personal conversations is Kitchen Table Conversations. It is purpose-built to enable people to connect-the-dots and grasp the big picture as quickly as possible.

  • A demonstration conversation is here.
  • Support materials for conducting face-to-face conversations are here.
  • Support materials for conducting Zoom conversations are here.

Digging into the detail

Kitchen Table Conversations use simple terms such as advertising, economic growth, and retail therapy to indicate key concepts. The idea is to enable people to quickly connect-the-dots and see the big picture, without being lost in the detail.

However, it is useful to have more understanding of economics, trade agreements, and the like. The links on the following diagram enable you to dig deeper into each element of the Big Picture Drivers module.

This diagram integrates the aspiration of transitioning to a life-affirming culture with the practical actions that make it real. {Coming soon: Click on the links for more detail}.

Resolving doubts


There are ways to resolve such doubts as ‘I don’t know enough’ or ‘People will think I’m weird’.

Here are three techniques that can be really helpful:

  • EFT (the tapping technique)

EFT is an aspect of energy psychology. It was discovered that tapping on acupressure points with our fingers can elicit a mental/emotional shift that symptoms surprisingly rapidly resolves specific psychological issues.

  • St Francis Process

In the St Francis process we visualise meeting the (unknown) part of us that carries doubt, phobias or other psychological issues.

  • Option Process

Starting with an issue on the surface, such as doubt, we can ask a series of Zen -like questions that take us to deeper layers of the psyche. At some point we may realise that our concerns are quite unrealistic in terms of current reality, and laugh and let them go.

These techniques are described in Inner Work. You can download it here.