Without a vision the people perish.

There is a huge wave of positive change going on – a vast transformative movement in the service of real world ecological sustainability and social well-being.

If this movement succeeds in setting the tone for society as a whole, historians in the future may look back and describe our time as the Great Transition to a life-sustaining society – one that is thriving and healthy.

Our task is to accelerate the Great Transition to such an extent that as a global civilisation we become ecologically sustainable.

How might we do this?

outlines a communication strategy and tactics whereby thousands of groups around the world can align to engaging mainstream commitment.

makes the idea of a whole system change to a life-sustaining society mentally manageable in ways that we can act on.

Imagine a world where the news is more hopeful than heartbreaking...where atmospheric carbon has dropped, industry no longer destroys the environment, forests and wetlands are being restored, politicians make decisions in the service of the well-being of the whole community, and children have a hope of a life-sustaining future.

The Great Transition is about doing everything required to transition from a path of sure ecological self-destruction to a benign life-sustaining future. It involves changing all the major factors in our global civilisation that drive environmental and social deterioration – a whole system change

Paul Raskin of Tellus Institute introduced the vision of the Great Transition in his seminal essay Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead.

The Great Transition (or Great Turning, as some call it) is already underway. It involves millions of businesses and groups. If you are here, very likely in some fashion you are part of it.

The Great Transition initiative is an informal movement of people communicating to inspire mainstream commitment to transitioning to a life-sustaining society. This is bigger than any one group.

The role of Inspiring Transition is to engage more people in communicating about the Great Transition, and provide ready to use tools to make communicating as easy as possible.

Visions of a life-sustaining society

The following resources are excellent for rounding out your vision of the Great Transition and a life-sustaining society.

Two complementary visions of a life-sustaining society are:

A beautifully articulated 2 page summary.

This is a design standard for ecologically sustainable buildings and urban design that integrates dimensions of a life-sustaining society such as health, happiness and well-being. Great graphics!

For those who like to read in depth, here are a number of books that cover the ground of the Great Transition and whole system change.

And just for fun

  • Bob Rich                     Doom Healer

The Story of Stuff Project brilliantly tells the story through animated video presentations

These videos gives a really succinct overview:

Organisations that offer study guides that cover the ground of the Great Transition include;

The website Great Transition Stories has a collection of various approaches to describing the Great Transition.