Here we show a way to turn your concern about current environmental and social trends into action on the most influential point of change for turning things around: communicating to inspire mainstream commitment to transitioning to a life-sustaining future. The needed changes are comprehensive – a whole system change.

We can contribute to this by communicating with friends, colleagues and people in our networks. Our tools are meant to make this as easy as possible for you.

Steps to becoming active:

1 Develop a robust understanding of whole system change

Whole system change to a life-sustaining future is different in scope than anything many of us have ever thought about before.

So the first step is to think through what is involved. We have a useful framework for making sense of whole system change that is teachable, and an innovative strategy for reaching lots of people. Read more 

2 Get to it communicate!


  • Minimum (this takes almost no time)

□  Send an email to your network encouraging people to participate in the Inspiring Transition initiative. A sample email is here (we want to make it easy for you!). 

□  Mention in conversations that We are transitioning to a life-sustaining society, and we need to accelerate it.

This is engaging. Our models make it easy for people to keep track of the conversation.

  • Engage leaders

Invite leaders of organisations, conference organisers and prominent bloggers to champion transitioning to a life-sustaining society. An approach to starting a conversation about Inspiring Transition is here. It can be used in a cold call.

Form a node

Coalesce a small team to work with you to apply one of the Inspiring Transition communication tactics.

For businesses

Champion the idea of transitioning to a life-sustaining society through your business:

·        Put a short piece about how what your business does contributes to a life-sustaining society on your website.

·        Encourage your staff and business colleagues to become active in Inspiring Transition. You might offer Kitchen Table Conversations training to your staff. As an inspiring warm-up, this could be preceeded by a Pachamama Alliance Awakening The Dreamer Symposium.


A further set of imaginative tactics is on the Inspiring Transition website. They include flyers, posters, plaques and videos in professional offices, social media, organising events, and more.