Our intent is to make communicating about the Great Transition: whole system change to a life-sustaining future as easy as possible. We know that people are busy. We also know that people care. So we have developed a set of turnkey communication tools that need not take an excessive amount of any one person or organisation’s time.

Our Great Transition Communicator's Kit includes:
1 Our core documents

These outline our communication strategy and tactics, and provide a useful way of understanding whole system change.

2 Background materials for writing about the Great Transition to a life-sustaining future
3 Tools for conducting personal conversations and workshops
4 Draft emails for engaging people in the Inspiring Transition initiative

These include draft emails to friends and colleagues introducing them to Inspiring Transition, messages to interesting people you may have come across on Linked In, and follow-up emails to people whom you may have invited to participate in the Inspiring Transition Launch.

All of these and more are freely downloadable from The Great Transition Communicators Kit.


Background resources about whole system change to a life-sustaining society

Books that cover the ground of whole system change include: