We are undertaking something awesome, and hope that you will play a role.

The purpose of the Great Transition Initiative is to inspire passionate mainstream commitment to doing everything required to transition to a life-affirming global culture, rather than continuing on our current course of sure ecological self-destruction.

A llife-affirming culture will operate for community well-being in the context of ecological sustainability. There are many ways to put these ideals into practice.

The transition involves changing the operating character of our whole society: a whole system change. Big stuff! The alternative is the miserable unravelling of our global civilisation.

For this transition to occur a critical mass of mainstream society must thoughtfully and passionately embrace it.


How can we mobilise public will for the necessary transformative change?


There are literally millions of groups that care about environmental and social well-being. Millions. Our strategy is to engage as many as possible as citizen-educators, and provide ready-to-use tools to make communicating as easy as possible. Aligned, we can become a far greater force for transformative cultural change than anybody ever imagined.

A robust support platform has been developed. It includes

  • A unifying goal: transitioning to a life-sustaining society (rather than continuing with sure ecological self-destruction)
  • A simple but comprehensive communication strategy
  • Innovative communication tools that enable people to grasp systemic change
  • Imaginative tactics including social media, workshops and guerrilla marketing.

We envision people sending emails, posting blogs, writing articles, giving lectures and workshops, and conducting focused personal conversations.

We also envision professional offices displaying plaques asserting their commitment to transitioning to a life-sustaining society, perhaps with accompanying short videos and flyers. Businesses may display a simple sign along these lines:








People will see the idea of transitioning to a life-sustaining society ‘everywhere’, and some will dig deeper to understand how together we can accomplish it and how they might contribute.

We would be pleased if you would take part. Possible roles are here.

The simplest thing you could do would be to tweak and forward this email (or this one) to appropriate people in your network. A personal phone call would make the invitation even stronger.

At another level, engaging prominent thought leaders and leaders of organisations is obviously important. Anything you do in this regard will be appreciated.


If you want to go into more detail, scroll down to find:

  • Support materials for the Great Transition Communication Blitz
  • Roles people can play
Support materials for the Great Transition Communication Blitz

Here is an annotated list of materials.

·       Invitation email to send to networks

This is a good email to send to people who are not necessarily activists.

·       Email to invite activists to participate in the Great Transition Communication Blitz

 Similar to the above, except with a stronger opening.

·       Accelerating the Great Transition - Engaging mainstream commitment to a life-sustaining society

This outlines our communication strategy and tactics

·       Understanding Whole System Change

This explores the operating principles of a life-sustaining society, and presents a simple diagram that highlights the big picture factors that must change to solve global warming.

·       Prospectus for a Great Transition Communication Blitz

This describes the Great Transition Communication Blitz in more detail.

·       Roles people can play in the Blitz

Things people can do range from outreach to engage influential people down to preparing to send just one email during March.

·       What a global communication initiative about the Great Transition might look like when it is in full flower

A short sketch of many of the different kinds of activities that might go on.

·       Kitchen Table Conversations

This is a manual for face-to-face conversations using physical models to help people connect-the-dots and grasp big picture connections.

·       Sample Great Transition Blitz email to be sent during March

Roles people can play

Here is an annotated list of roles people can play.

  • Outreach to engage thought leaders

Writers and prominent bloggers can articulate the goal of transitioning to a life-sustaining society as a unifying goal both for the environmental/progressive movement, and for society at large.

Support materials for contacting thought leaders are here.

  • Outreach to engage leaders of organizations

Through their newsletters and on their websites organizations can articulate how the work they are doing is contribution to the larger goal of transitioning to a life-sustaining society.

Organizations can also invite members and staff to become citizen-educators communicating with their networks. Training and ready-to-use communication tools can be offered.

Support materials for contacting leaders of organisations are here.

Conversations are perhaps our most powerful means of affecting people's mindsets, because they enable people to think through why we need transformative change, and how we can accomplish it. They are also an opportunity to deal with disinformation people may have acquired, as well as doubts or despair, and inspire hope.

  • Apply guerrilla marketing tactics.

These include things like putting plaques and videos in professional offices, videos about transitioning to a life-sustaining society in medical waiting rooms, and posters and flyers in public places such as libraries.


The Great Transition Initiative will raise the global sustainability conversation to the level of systemic change. It will champion a healthy goal for society as a whole: transitioning to a life-sustaining society at emergency speed.

There will also be a great deal of ongoing activity, including enhanced industrial design, training in systems thinking and creativity, nvestment in personal development, and organizational redesign to bring out the best in people.

If the scale becomes large enough, overwhelming popular support will emerge for the big picture things like campaign finance reform, rolling back environmentally destruction trade agreements and the like. If not …