As we know, much of civil society is fragmented and uncoordinated, whereas the neoconservatives have a focused agenda to increase their wealth and power.

Many of us dream of unifying the various groups that care about environmental sustainability and social well-being. However, given that each group has its own

projects–and indeed each of the projects is relevant–the process of settling on one or a few projects to pursue together could prove highly contentious. Often when groups come together to consider collaboration they argue.

In addition, there is a deeper problem that few notice. Our challenge is to change the operation of the whole system–all of the aspects of society that exacerbate environmental destruction and social deterioration. There is no single issue which, taken on its own, will suffice to catalyse a whole system change. This leads to the odd conclusion that even if we agreed on specific projects, overall we would fail.

There is a way to go beyond this dilemma. That is to agree on a high level goal that we can all align with. There can be many ways to phrase such a goal. One of them is to aspire to transition to a ‘life-sustaining society’... rather than continuing on the path of sure ecological self-destruction. Surely we all want a life-sustaining society?

A successful transition requires catalysing thoughtful mainstream commitment to it. So we need new forms of communication.

The projects that we are each working on are already contributions to the transition. Our joint task is to accelerate the transition. We can do this by communicating in ways that enable ordinary people and influential decision-makers to understand why we need large-scale systemic change, and to see how they can contribute to it within their sphere of influence.

Inspiring Transition is a platform to support this kind of communication. It has a well thought out communication strategy, interesting communication tactics, and innovative communication tools. We have a model for engaging thousands of organisations and potentially millions of individuals, yet participating need not take too much of any individual or organisation’s time.

Inspiring Transition is an open community of colleagues. It is not an organisation that you join; it is a resource to support you in acting through your own initiative. There is no centralised command and control.

If you care about our future well-being, and you appreciate that large-scale transformative change is essential for success, then I invite you to

1 Go to the Inspiring Transition website.

2 Orient yourself about what is involved in a whole system change to a life-sustaining society.

3 Use our communication tools (or your own) to enable people in your networks to grasp that we are transitioning to a life-sustaining society, and see how they can contribute to it.